Thursday, July 19, 2007

Australian Chimp Fifi Dies

fifi the chimpTaronga Zoo's oldest and much loved chimpanzee Fifi died yesterday.

"Apart from experiencing the normal age-related health problems such as arthritis, Fifi had generally been fit in recent times," the zoo's Mark Williams said last night. "However she decided not to venture outdoors this morning and keepers provided fresh bedding and favorite food items.

"Fifi died late this afternoon and her dedicated keepers allowed the other members of the close group of 18 to spend time with her.

"They noted that the group were very quiet and gentle."

Fifi celebrated her 60th birthday in style in May with a birthday cake iced with mashed potato and decorated with bananas.

She arrived at Taronga in 1954 and was known as a special character, always acting as the peacemaker, Mr Williams said.

"In her prime, Fifi was one of the highest ranked females of the group and even in recent times took a senior role in the female hierarchy. She was very well respected despite her old age and frailty," he said.

A preliminary investigation to confirm the cause of death will take place today.

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