Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Worlds Oldest Living Orangutan Turns 55

oldest living orangutanVisitors and staff went a little ape Tuesday morning at Miami Metrozoo as they celebrated one of its residents very special birthday.

Nonja, an endangered Sumatran Orangutan, celebrated her 55th birthday, making her the oldest living Orangutan in the world.

Ron Magill of Miami's Metrozoo said the "world's record Orangutan for age was 57 years old at the Philadelphia zoo", and that ape looked its age, but Nonja, "you look at her, and she looks at least 35".

Transferred from a zoo in Holland to Metrozoo in 1983, Nonja was born in the wilds of Sumatra in June of 1952. Her name, "Nonja," means "girl" in Dutch. While in captivity, she's had 5 offspring who've had 2 offspring of their own.

To celebrate her birthday, the staff at Metrozoo whipped up a special "Primate Cake" made of bananas, peanut butter, raisins, primate chow, and other Orangutan favorites.

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