Monday, June 25, 2007

Missing Monkey Back In Her Cage After Five Days On The Lam

tobi monkeyLured by a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in her cage, Tobi the capuchin monkey returned to captivity on Sunday afternoon, five days after she fled her St. Charles home.

"She's just chirping and chirping. She's so ecstatic to be back," said Tobi's owner, Shirley Wipfler, who sounded ecstatic, too.

A motorist, Paul Corley, who had been looking for the monkey, spotted the animal on a fence near the St. Charles Family Arena about 4 p.m., and notified Shirley and Earl Wipfler.

The couple responded and Shirley Wipfler put a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in Tobi's cage to get her down from a tree. Tobi had escaped Tuesday from the Wipflers' home on Duckett Place.

"I think she was hungry and thirsty, but otherwise she was fine," Shirley Wipfler said.

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1 comment:

Jonny the Monkey said...


My name a Jonny the Monkey, number one most famous celebrity in all Kazakhstan. Good friend Borat still number four most famous, even after great success movie film...

I write comments here because me also capuchin monkey and with Tobi while she away from home.

We meet outside house and take bus to nearby town where make dance at discotheque, smoke cigarette, and then wild sexy time. I like!

But me decide she too old for Jonny so not work out. Decide Tobi go back to village and waits on fence for free peanuts butter and pajama sandwich. Very tasty!

Me just want everyone know she have great times while on the lamb.


NOTE: This comment was 'hand signed' by Jonny the Monkey to his gypsy assistant Batyr, who then translated and posted those words here.