Thursday, June 21, 2007

Board Rejects Monkey Owner's Plea For Seized Pet

pet monkeyA Montgomery County woman whose pet monkey was seized last month won't be getting him back anytime soon.

The county's Animal Matters Hearing Board has ruled that police were right to take the capuchin monkey, named Armani, because he did not live with Elyse Gazewitz before May 2006, the state's cutoff date for having such a pet.

Gazewitz argued that she owned Armani at that time, but panel members said they believed veterinary and zoo reports that Armani is only five months old.

Gazewitz says she'll appeal the ruling to Montgomery County Circuit Court.

Gazewitz calls Armani her "baby" and dressed him in diapers and infant outfits.

While the case is pending, the four-pound, 18-inch brown and black capuchin will remain at the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo in Frederick County, where officials say he watches DVD movies like "Madagascar" with other monkeys and interacts with keepers.

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