Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Atlanta Zoo Adopts Orangutan Orphan From Fort Wayne Zoo

ORANGUTAN orphanZoo Atlanta is adopting an eight-month-old orphan orangutan from an Indiana children's zoo.

Dumadi (doo-MOD-ee) is expected to arrive tomorrow and will be given to 25-year-old female Madu, who has been a surrogate mother to another orphan in the Atlanta zoo's ten-member orangutan family.

Dumadi was orphaned last year at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo when his mother died an hour after giving birth to him, likely from a blood clot.

Zookeepers in Fort Wayne were unable to find a female adult there to take the infant, and asked other US zoos to help. Zoo Atlanta was selected because of its large orangutan population and experience in connecting adoptive mothers with orphaned apes.

Zookeepers in Atlanta will slowly introduce Dumadi to Madu in coming weeks after the infant adjusts to his new surroundings. The pair will be available for public view in about a month, officials said.

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