Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Monkey recovering from fishing lure injury

ebony monkeyA spider monkey named Ebony is recovering from wounds he received from a fishing lure that someone tossed on the Citrus County island that Ebony and his compatriots live on.

The island is part of the Riverside Resort in the middle of the Homosassa River in Homosassa.

The fishing lure with its with three-barbed treble hooks got caught on the monkey's tail and face and as the monkeys tried to pull it out it tore Ebony's skin.

"There's not much we can do trying to put a bandage on an animal like that," said veterinarian Dr. Mark Lowe. "They would immediately rip it off, so we just had them spray it with a dilute iodine solution."

Gail Oakes, who owns the Riverside Resort and Monkey Island, says the person who tossed the lure on the island bragged about it around town, but nobody saw the person committing the act.

Monkey Island has been home to primates for almost 50 years. The monkeys are not pets and are considered wild animals.

The resort has permits for the primates, and they are fed and cared for by employees. The monkeys never leave the island because they don't know how to swim.

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