Friday, May 11, 2007

Malaysian six-year-old girl attacked by monkey in the night

A six-year-old girl received several stitches on her head after being bitten by a wild monkey while sleeping in her family home in Taman Semambu Baru here on Wednesday.

The incident happened at about 8am while Shin Wai Qi was sleeping in the living room with her twin sister, Shin Wai Wan, and their mother, Chan Yit Fah, 40.

“I had left the door open to let the air in and was sleeping with my daughters when I was awakened by Wai Qi’s screams. I saw her blood-soaked head and a monkey fleeing the house,” said Chan when met today.

Wai Qi was taken to the Kuantan Specialist Hospital where she was given several stitches for the wound on her head.

Chan, who has been staying in the neighbourhood for five years, said monkeys would roam the housing area and they had entered her house several times and stolen her food.

Semambu Assemblyman Pang Szu Meng, who visited the family today, hoped residents in the area would exercise caution to prevent a similar attack.

“I was informed that immediate action had been taken as personnel from the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) had shot the monkey which attacked the girl yesterday,” he added.

He believed that the monkeys entered the neighbourhood as they had been deprived of their habitat due to development.

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