Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Indian monkey captured after injuring thirty-five people

After injuring nearly 35 people during one month, a monkey, which went mad, was finally captured today by the forest officials, much to the relief of the Narendrapur villagers in Ganjam district.

The experts from Nandankanan Zoo were finally requisitioned by the district authority to capture the monkey as it had caused panic among the villagers.

Narendrapur Gram Panchayat Sarapanch Subash Chandra Behera said the monkey which was leading an isolated life and never lived in groups, continued to trouble the villagers of Narendrapur in Ganjam district since April 25 last.

A team from the Nandankanan Zoo comprising seven members fired three rounds from the tranquilizer gun on the monkey when he was resting inside the Narendrapur College campus.

After climbing a rooftop few minutes later it fell unconscious.

The Forest Department officials said the monkey would be released in the nearby jungles after proper treatment.

Forest officials had already sought permission from Ganjam Collector V K Pandian to shoot the monkey and declare it ''dangerous to human life'' because of its erratic and violent behaviour.

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