Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gorilla is born at the Prague Zoo

Another gorilla was born at the Prague zoological garden shortly after midnight, the zoo's director Petr Fejk told.

The baby gorilla was born to Kijivu, mother of now two-year-old Moja who has been the first gorilla born in the Czech Republic.

Fejk said the delivery was very fast and smooth. It lasted about 15 seconds. He said the baby gorilla seemed completely healthy.

The birth of the previous gorilla offspring in the Prague zoo was broadcast live on the Internet in April. Unfortunately, Kamba, 35, gave birth to a dead baby. Kamba is one of the last gorillas in European zoos who were born in the wild.

The life of the gorilla family from Prague zoo has been monitored by cameras since autumn 2005 and shown on the Internet as a "slightly different reality show" within a project called Discovery.

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