Thursday, May 31, 2007

Capuchin monkey gives birth at zoo

baby capuchin monkeyAmanda, one of 13 capuchin monkeys at the Alameda Park Zoo, gave birth late Saturday night.

The baby, whom zoo staff have named "A.J.," will spend the first several months of its life clinging to mom as she moves about the enclosure she shares with 12 others of her kind, including a male named Amos.

Native to the rainforests of South America, capuchins normally live in colonies which may consist of up to 30 individuals.

The capuchin uses its opposable thumbs and prehensile tail to assist in reaching fruits, seeds and leaves that make up the vast majority of its diet in the wild.

The lifespan of a capuchin monkey is 35 to 40 years in captivity and probably ten years less in the wild because of predators and potential illnesses.

"Amanda is approximately 20 years old," zoo director Steven Diehl said.

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Jonny the Monkey said...


I be Jonny the Monkey, #1 most famous celebrity in all Kazakhstan! Good friend Borat still only #4 most famous, even after great success of movie film...

You report that Amanda the capuchin monkey give births to a boy name "A.J."...

Jonny be a Capuchin monkey too, and when think back to last year... me pretty sure meeted lady Capuchin name "Amanda" in disco bar! When bar close at end of night we go to bushes where make wild sexy time.

So little A.J. may be son to Jonny!

And me see you mention she she share cage with man monkey "Amos", but Jonny happen know he wear blue hat and not like girl.

Jonny will do right thing for Amanda and have paternity suits to prove if father or not. If so will send supports to A.J. like banana, diaper, and cigarette. So please post address where Jonny can send pubis for make DNA testings by science lab.

And write quicks because Father Day holidays come soon and want good gift! *High Five*


NOTE: This comment was made by Jonny the Monkey using 'sign language', which his gypsy assistant Batyr translated and typed in here.

Lisa said...

So living in captivity, as in a maedical research laboratory, being force fed shampoo and drain cleaner, these monkeys can live 20-40 years? Those many years in fear and terror and abuse?

It is time to phase out animal experimentation and let these beings be.

LISA IS GAY said...