Friday, April 06, 2007

Louisville Zoo Mystified By Death Of Siamang Apes

The Louisville Zoo is saddened over the loss of their siamang couple-Ziggy, 15, and Sue Ann, 9. The couple died April 4. No cause has been determined.

The pair was recently in the news with the birth of their first offspring, Zoli, a male who was born at the Zoo Feb. 20.

“We are still at a loss as to what happened,” said General Curator Steve Wing. “They were fine the night of April 3 when we checked on them-active, bright, alert and eating well.”

The next morning, April 4, staff discovered the two had died. Zoo veterinary staff, assisted by a local leading pathologist, State Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Weakley-Jones, performed post mortem exams.

“As with all animals that die at the Zoo, a thorough necropsy was performed,” Zoo Veterinarian Dr. Roy Burns said. “Diagnostic samples were collected, and it will likely be a few weeks before we have any reliable information for cause of death.”

Baby Zoli is in an incubator and being cared for by staff. “He seems to be doing well,” Wing said.

“The staff is very saddened,” said Assistant Director Mark Zoeller. “As devoted animal lovers, our entire Zoo family is mourning their loss.”

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