Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gorilla Kingdom Opens in London Zoo to Promote Procreation

gorilla sex islandA new enclosure is to be officially opened at London Zoo, where keepers hope gorillas will begin to breed.

Gorilla Kingdom consists of a large open island, surrounded by a moat, an indoor "gym" and a back den.

Three western lowland gorillas will live in the enclosure: Bobby, a 23-year-old male; and two females, Zaire, 32, and Effie who is 13.

The £5.3m project means that Bobby can see the sky without bars for the first time since he was captured as a baby.

Rescued from a circus in Italy in 1983, he has not yet sired any young.

Effie, who has recently arrived from Leipzig Zoo, has already had two babies. With her slim physique, her keepers have dubbed her "the Kate Moss of gorillas".

The newcomer has been introduced to Bobby and Zaire gradually. The zoo wants to recreate the social structure that exists in the wild - where a single dominant mature male - or silverback - has a harem of about five females.

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