Tuesday, March 13, 2007

4-year-old boy bitten by gorilla in Kaohsiung zoo

kid bitten by gorillaA four-year-old boy was bitten by a gorilla yesterday at Kaohsiung's Shou Shan Zoo and needed stitches to repair his finger, Kaohsiung authorities said.

Yen Kai was in his father's arms when he reached his hand out to the gorilla, which was enclosed in a cage protected by reinforced glass and mesh.

Yen was immediately transported to a Kaohsiung hospital where he received stitches to his right hand.

Zoo officials said that the ape might have been trying to eat what was in Yen's hand instead of attacking Yen, as the animal was not in the heat.

Authorities said that as the gorilla poses no immediate danger, they have not placed it under isolation.

Meanwhile, Yen's parents have criticized zoo workers for failing to dress Yen's wound and stop the bleeding before transporting him to the hospital.

Kaohsiung City Bureau of Redevelopment director Hung Fu-fung contacted Yen's parents and promised to help parents teach their children to approach potentially dangerous animals with care.

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Anonymous said...

how accurate are such news items ?
according to other webpages it was a boy of 3 years old, a chimpansee..
Another accident in the same zoo more recently reported about a crocodile, an alligator, shot dead by police, unharmed after shot by zoo co-worker etc.. photo of crocodile with arm of vet between it's teeth was shown all over the world , talking about bad taste. I remember a time when news was more accurate and less sensational.