Tuesday, February 13, 2007

'Little Joe' Returns To Franklin Park Zoo

little joe escapeLittle Joe, the gorilla who made a daring escape from the Franklin Park Zoo in 2003, is making his return to public display.

Little Joe escaped from the gorilla exhibit in September 2003, attacking a 2 year-old girl and a zoo employee. Both suffered cuts and bruises when they were thrown to the ground and dragged.

Little Joe was loose in the neighborhood around the zoo for nearly two hours before he was subdued with a tranquilizer. Since then, he has been kept in seclusion at the zoo.

Tuesday, the Franklin Park Zoo unveiled a new home for all seven of their gorillas. The new Tropical Forest will give the animals more room to climb and play. The public will also have a better view of the gorillas and other animals.

Most importantly, Little Joe will not be able to escape the new $2.3 million exhibit. It has triple-layer glass walls and a woven steel top.

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1 comment:

darling sapphire said...

I wish the zoo had not kept Little
Joe isolated from his troop, after
all he never asked to be put in a
zoo. I wish zoos would start
reconstructing their zoos into
sanctuaries. The animals and humans
would be much happier - believe me. Got to think happiness for
the animals not the
people, after all the
people can come and go.