Monday, January 29, 2007

Severely Disfigured Chimp Attack Victim Awarded $32K

chimp attackA West Covina couple who kept a pet chimp at their home for years but were forced to give it up in 1999 will be paid about $32,000 in a settlement with the city, which broke a deal to find a place to house the ape.

St. James Davis, who was nearly killed in March 2005 when he was attacked by two other chimps when he went to visit his pet, Moe, on the chimp’s 39th birthday at a Kern County facility, and his wife La Donna, will also get about $300 per month to house the chimp, according to published and broadcast reports.

The Superior Court ruling was finalized Friday.

The couple had kept Moe at their home since 1960, but after couple of run-ins with the law -- he tangled with a police officer and later bit a visitor -- city officials declared Moe a dangerous animal and banned him.

The Davises sued, and the city agreed to house the chimp in next door in Baldwin Park. But that city was reluctant to accept Moe, who was sent to a Kern County facility, where some other chimps were kept.

In the attack, Davis' lost several fingers and toes, and his face was severely disfigured. He was kept in an induced coma for weeks and has since undergone more than a dozen surgeries.

His wife lost a thumb in the attack.

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