Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gorilla birth in Prague zoo to be broadcast live on internet

The birth of the second gorilla offspring in the Prague zoological garden will be broadcast live on the internet on these days, Petra Hanzelkova from Czech Radio told CTK today.

Female Kamba is to give birth in front of the cameras.

The life of the gorilla family from Prague zoo, including also male Richard, females Shinda and Kijivu and two-year-old baby Moja, has been continuously monitored by the cameras since autumn 2005 when "the slightly different reality show" was launched.

Within the "Discovery" project the primates from Prague´s zoo were monitored by 15 cameras all day long for two months. The shots were presented on the websites of the CRo internet radio station Leonardo and on the public Czech Television (CT), and viewers of the show could vote via SMSs for their favourite contestant.

The winner, male Richard, received the main prize of 12 melons, a delicacy for gorillas.

Last year, the project won one of the main awards at the Wildscreen international competition of documentaries on wildlife in Bristol, Britain.

Kamba, the oldest member of Prague´s gorilla family, was born in Africa in 1972. She is one of the few last gorillas in European zoos who were born in the wild. This is why she is extremely important for breeding, experts say.

Male Richard first did not show much interest in Kamba first, but after she was given supportive hormonal products, his behaviour changed and he started to court her. She conceived last May.

Prague zoo is expecting another gorilla baby in May when Kijivu is to give birth to her second offspring.

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