Thursday, January 25, 2007

Baby monkey rejected because of hiccups

baby monkey hiccupsA cute baby monkey has been rejected by its mother - because of her chronic hiccups.

The tiny Colobus monkey has been called Sokojoo - the word for hiccup in her natural habitat in Gambia.

Within days of being born on December 30th, Sokojoo was gulping down milk too quickly, causing her diaphragm to spasm and make a 'hic' sound after every feed.

The noise was so bad that her mother Sierra refused to feed her and the baby had to taken away from their enclosure at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall.

Now 27 day old Sokojoo is being hand reared by staff and bottle fed.

Zoo spokeswoman Michelle Turton said: "She hiccups after feeding which is very cute and it makes her seem so human.

"She loves her milk and it will soon be time to move her on to solids. We are hoping that will help with the hiccups."

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