Friday, December 08, 2006

Loose Monkey Terrorizes Kanpur

A Monkey has become the biggest nuisance for residents of three localities in Kanpur. This monkey was first seen a month ago in the Roadways Employees Colony adjacent to the Zoological Garden.

The monkey bit many children and passers-by there. The local residents made several attempts to catch it but failed.

Later, they approached Zoo director R Hemant Kumara but the official was unable to help as Forest rules did not all zoo staff to catch animals.

He, however, on humanitarian grounds asked the zoo vet for help. The vet tried to use a tranquilizer gun but he has been unable to locate the monkey.

The monkey even managed to escape from a trap set by local residents.

Licensed monkey catcher in the state, Sardar Harbans Singh, too, has failed.

Meanwhile, this monkey managed to ‘raid’ Deendayal Nagar Colony and bit several people there.

On the other hand neither has the district administration managed to do much nor has the Health Department bothered to obtain injections for people who have been bitten by the monkey.

Killing of monkeys is prohibited so, till a solution is found, local residents are at the mercy of this dangerous monkey.

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