Monday, November 20, 2006

Chimp Haven gets seven chimps from embattled San Antonio facility

chimps san antonioSeven chimpanzees that are at the center of a custody battle were welcomed into their new home at Chimp Haven sanctuary in Keithville early Friday morning following a 10-hour journey from an animal facility in Texas.

Sarah, Keeli, Ivy, Sheba, Darrell, Harper and Emma were transferred in March from Ohio State University to Primarily Primates in San Antonio. The Texas attorney general’s office seized control of Primarily Primates on Oct. 13 based on allegations of misappropriation of charitable funds, neglect and mistreatment of animals.

“The former Ohio State chimpanzees have endured a lack of adequate food, housing and medical care while at Primarily Primates," Lee Theisen-Watt, the Texas-appointed receiver who now operates the San Antonio facility, says in a press release. "The current animal population at Primarily Primates far exceeds the carrying capacity of this facility. Relocating this first group of chimpanzees to Chimp Haven is a compassionate and smart move.”

Sixty-seven other chimpanzees remain at Primarily Primates along with other primates, birds and cats.

“Chimp Haven is proud to step forward to assist the chimpanzees in need,” said Dr. Linda Brent, the sanctuary's president and director. “These special chimpanzees deserve a good home and to live out their lives among friends. I only wish we could help the chimpanzees left behind.”

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Friends of Animals said...

The media is only reporting one side of this story. Please remember that there are always at least two sides to any story. In the takeover of the sanctuary, Primarily Primates' website was replaced with a fundraising one for those doing the takeover (even though they are supposed to be acting on behalf of the sanctuary). Please visit Friends of Animals' website for video and testimony from the workers at Primarily Primates. This sanctuary needs to be supported, not destroyed.

See also: The struggle to save a sanctuary and a movement, a Nov 21 editorial that lays out more of what's going on in this situation.

Chimp Haven is no sanctuary. The chimps there are owned by the government and can be recalled into vivisection at any moment.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Dr. Brent said “Chimp Haven is proud to step forward to assist the chimpanzees in need." OSU asked Dr. Brent to take these chimps last year and she declined. While they were at Primarily Primates, two of them died. It seems like Dr. Brent should have stepped up the first time she had the chance.

As for Primarily Primates, I saw the OSU chimps when they were there, and it was awful. So many things wrong with the place. Fortunately, it's getting better since the state took control of it.

Anonymous said...

Lab chimps, Uncle Sam may want you

Boston Globe

By John Donnelly, Globe Staff December 24, 2006


But the good times may not last. When supporters tried earlier this month to ensure that the old chimps would live the rest of their days in peace, Congress said no.

The reason: The chimps might someday be needed to protect the United States.

Anonymous said...

Friends of animals keeps posting outright lies. Several people have tried to post questions/comments on FoA/PPI's website only to never have them posted... the guestions were not even privately answered. You can go to to have open dialog on blogs and to find facts concerning current topics.

Anonymous said...

FoA's agenda with PPI is truly disturbing. To hide behind the auspices of caring for animals while for years turning their backs on animal hoarding and abuse is unacceptable. For more information re: the suffering endured by the former OSU chimpanzees while dumped at PPI and updates on their magnificent recovery at Chimp Haven please visit