Monday, October 16, 2006

Texas seizes primate sanctuary

A lawyer for a Texas animal sanctuary Saturday said the state's seizure of the home to nearly 1,000 monkeys and other large primates was "totally unwarranted."

Texas state officials seized the Primary Primates sanctuary after a judge found evidence of substandard conditions and "great mismanagement" of donations, The San Antonio Express-News reported.

Attorney Eric Turton disputed the finding, saying the operation's financial records were in good shape, the animals were well cared for and the sanctuary "will be vindicated."

The 28-year-old primate sanctuary has been embroiled in controversy and legal disputes since March, when it took a group of retired research chimps and monkeys from Ohio State University. Two of the chimps died shortly after their arrival and one monkey escaped its enclosure and has not been captured, the newspaper said.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals filed suit on behalf of the remaining seven chimps and two monkeys, charging conditions at the sanctuary were substandard.

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