Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Joseph Made says monkey sabotaged farming season

The Zimbabwe government on Monday finally fingered the cause of the dramatic collapse of the country's agricultural sector -- a monkey.

While the world has been fixated with a state-sanctioned land grab of commercial farms by veterans of the country's liberation war, the Zimbabwe government has nailed what it believes to be the main saboteur of the country's agricultural production -- a vervet monkey.

Agriculture Minister Joseph Made told parliament that damage caused by a monkey to a transformer at the country's largest fertiliser supplier had effectively crippled the country's production capacity, creating a food deficit.

Made said "investigations" revealed that a monkey was responsible for the extensive damage caused to one of the only two transformers at fertiliser manufacturer, Sables Chemicals. The company is based in the Midlands.

Made told MPs: “Our investigations have shown that a monkey caused damage to a transformer thereby sabotaging our preparations for the coming season. If it was not for that monkey, the situation was not going to be as bad.

"We now have to import a huge chunk of our fertiliser requirements from neighbouring South Africa. Repairs to the transformer take about six months.”

Made told MPs that the monkey "tampered" with the transformer and was electrocuted in the process.

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