Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shimla authorities opt sterilization to curb monkey menace

Shimla residents have long been battling monkey menace. But in a recent initiative, the Forest Department of Shimla has opted to sterilize monkeys after residents complained about their growing nuisance.

Recently, the Forest Department nabbed 25 monkeys for sterilizing them to control the growing number of monkeys at the popular Hanuman temple in Jakhu.

To identify the 'rounded-up' monkeys, they have been shaved off under the belly and near the tail as a mark of sterilization.

"Thirty monkeys were captured by the Wildlife Department officials of both genders. We were unaware about it. It was later the forest department officials informed us about the sterilization of monkeys. The effect of this 'operation family planning of monkeys' will be known only in future," said BP Sharma, the head priest of the Hanuman temple in Jakhu.

The monkeys had turned the neighborhood into nightmare, the worst sufferers being children.

"Monkeys here are very mischievous. Often children get late in reaching schools due to the scare of monkeys. In the past, many incidents of monkey attacks have proved fatal for some students," said Ritu Kakkar, a resident.

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