Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Monkey Attacks Teenage Girl On Chicago's Northwest Side

monkey in a netChicago Police had a wild afternoon on the Northwest Side Monday as they found themselves in a standoff with a spider monkey that had attacked a teenage girl.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports the 14-year-old victim was in pretty bad shape. Chicago police tell CBS 2 she was bitten to the bone, but what caused the animal to attack is unclear.

Armed with a net, Chicago Animal Control workers entered the house at 4305 N. Mobile to catch the monkey. It was running loose inside the Portage Park home after police say it attacked someone inside the house.

“The monkey got out of the cage and bit one of the residents of the house, a 14-year-old girl. He bit her severely on the arm. She was taken to Lutheran General and a plastic surgeon is looking at the injuries,” Sgt. Raphael Ramos said.

The monkey was clearly agitated as Animal Control workers tried to capture it, at times clearly trying to get out of the house. Neighbors saw the girl lying on the ground after being bit.

“We saw the paramedics and the fire department come and do the blood pressure and that and then they took her away. And someone said she got bit by a monkey,” a neighbor said.

Animal Control employees say monkeys are legal in Chicago with the proper license and permits. No permits were issued for this monkey, and officials remind everyone the wild primates can be very dangerous.

“Monkeys are very smart animals. If you mess with them, they will mess with you,” Sgt. Ramos said.

The monkey is now in the custody of Animal Control. They will test it for any diseases. At this time, they do not know what will happen to the animal.

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