Friday, August 04, 2006

A gibbon born at the Johannesburg Zoo.

baby gibbonA NEW ape baby is adding much excitement to the lives of staff at the Johannesburg Zoo.

Born on 3 June, the baby male gibbon is the offspring of a pair of siamang gibbons who originally came from zoos in Britain. Father Dodi came from Twycross Zoo, while mother Glastonbury came from Marwell Zoo.

"The whole section was literally jumping for joy," said the curator of the animal collections sector, Althea Guinsberg, about the birth.

The delay in the announcement of the birth was to give the vets a chance to monitor the animal, said the zoo's marketing co-ordinator, Senzo Ngcobo.

The two adult gibbons are among "the most loved species in the zoo", she added.

Siamang gibbons are an endangered species, famous for their inflatable throat sacs that expand when the animals make noises.

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