Friday, August 18, 2006

Court told chimps should be removed from Texas sanctuary

A lawyer who evaluated seven chimps at a Texas sanctuary is recommending the animals be moved to Louisiana.

Charles Jackson the Third was assigned to check the health and welfare of the chimpanzees.

They arrived at Primarily Primates this year after being used for cognitive research at Ohio State University.

Jackson says the San Antonio-area facility doesn't have the proper enclosures for the social animals. He recommends they be moved to Chimp Haven, near Shreveport, Louisiana.

A lawsuit was filed by some former caretakers at O-S-U, Klaree Boose and Stephany Harris, and California veterinarian Mel Richardson.

Two other O-S-U chimps died within two months of their arrival. A Primarily Primates lawyer says the pair had heart problems.

Sanctuary founder Wallace Swett has said the suit is wasting time and money that could go for animal care.

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