Thursday, July 20, 2006

SpongeBob found playing with children

A rare monkey that went missing earlier this week has been returned to Chessington World of Adventures after being handed in to police.

SpongeBob, a two-year-old endangered Bolivian squirrel monkey, was found by a member of the public being played with by some children in Clapham.

The Leatherhead Road park said Bob was fine after his three day ordeal, but had lost weight and was still nervous and stressed.

He was being looked after by vets before being returned to his awaiting female monkey fan club.

Thieves broke into the park on Sunday night and Bob was discovered missing the next morning.

Police are still appealing for information about the crime.

Detective constable Dave Burton from Kingston CID said: "The return of Sponge Bob is a fantastic result and we are delighted he is safe and well.

"We are still working closely with the team from Chessington to investigate this incident."

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