Monday, July 31, 2006

Chimpanzee jumps out of moat, causes panic

Panic broke out in the Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore Zoo here on Saturday, as a chimpanzee jumped out of its enclosure sending ripples of anxiety among the zoo authorities, staff and the visitors for nearly an hour. It all happened minutes after noon.

Jason, a 14-year-male chimpanzee escaped from the open moat by crossing over the solar fence and came to the open zoo area in the afternoon.

The animal started roaming and made the visitors run helter-skelter.

Authorities and the chimpanzee’s keeper Shankar made a vain attempt to pacify the chimp and send it back to enclosure.

But, the officials restricted the movement of Jason near its open enclosure and avoid any harm to visitors safety and the escape of the chimpanzee from the zoo precincts.

When all efforts failed to persuade the animal to go back to its enclosure, the zoo veterinarians injected sedatives and tranquillised the chimpanzee. Later, it was shifted to safely to the enclosure.

"Presently, the condition of the animal is very stable," zoo director, Ranga Rao said in a statement released from the zoo in the evening.

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