Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Burglars may have accidentally freed monkey

Police in Pewaukee, Wis., have said a monkey spotted in a local apartment complex could be related to a string of burglaries in the area.

A local resident spotted the animal Thursday and called police. Detective Jake Bernotas said an officer attempted to catch the monkey but it escaped into a marsh, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Tuesday.

Chief Gary Bach said that no monkeys have been reported missing in the area, but that may be because its owner does not want to face penalties for failing to register an exotic pet. Bach said the monkey may have been set free during burglaries at a neighboring apartment complex, the newspaper said.

The Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County has been searching for the animal.

Police have arrested two suspects -- a married couple -- in the burglaries. They were caught allegedly driving in a golf cart taken from the apartment complex and stolen items were allegedly found at their home, Detective Jim Komar told the Journal-Sentinel.

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