Monday, July 10, 2006

27-year-old bonobo dies on way to hernia surgery

p-suke hernia surgeryAn ape from a Des Moines research center has died -- right before he was supposed to undergo surgery to repair a hernia.

Scientists at the Great Ape Trust say P-Suke (PEACE-kay) was placed under anesthesia yesterday (Thursday) and taken to an animal hospital for dental x-rays.

But as health care workers were preparing to transfer P-Suke to Des Moines University for surgery, they noticed his condition had deteriorated. Attempts to reverse his condition failed.

An autopsy has been scheduled to determine why the 27-year-old bonobo died.

P-Suke arrived last year in Des Moines from Georgia State University. He was the father of four of the seven remaining bonobos at Great Ape Trust.

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