Wednesday, June 21, 2006

'Scouser' baboons are stealing England flags from cars

Safari park bosses have warned visitors to remove England flags from their cars today after a group of baboons began stealing them.

The animals have built up a huge collection of flags in the monkey enclosure at Knowsley safari park in Merseyside.

Keepers at the park say the 120-strong troop of baboons have been known to help themselves to windscreen wipers but have now turned their attentions to the World Cup flags.

Safari Park general manager David Ross said: "Many people are wisely removing the flags before they set off on the safari drive.

"However, if they forget the baboons usually take them and they've now built up quite a collection.

"If you think about it, this is hardly surprising. All the baboons were born here on Merseyside so they are Scousers through and through and probably just as football mad as everyone else in the area.

"Visitors are certainly enjoying their antics with the flags as it does look like they are showing their support for the efforts of the England team in Germany."

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