Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Man attacked by a chimp sues City of West Covina

monkey attackA man attacked by two chimpanzees in Kern County is suing the City of West Covina for what his attorney calls violating his civil rights and trespassing.
At the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, Ernest Algorri filed a motion to enforce a settlement he says the city reached four years ago, but on which it reneged.

Algorri says nearly seven years ago, the City of West Covina conducted what he calls a storm operation on the home of St. James Davis and his wife Ladonna, to remove their pet chimpanzee Moe, according to Algorri.

Since then, Davis went home some time ago and recovered from serious injuries that he received when he was attacked by two chimpanzees at a refuge in Havilah, in Kern County.

But, his attorney said it was September 1999, when West Covina Police stormed Davis' home. They used helicopters, SWAT team and blocking off the street while they removed Moe, their pet chimp, from the home.

Algorri said they were responding to citizen noise complaints. But, Algorri says Moe eventually ended up in Kern County.

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