Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Activists concerned about monkeys welfare after they began to cannibalize their own intestinal tracts

Animal rights activists say the treatment of monkeys at the University of South Alabama's Primate Research Laboratory is so bad that at least one monkey gnawed through part of her own body.

At a news conference in Mobile on Monday, two activists said the lab conditions are causing the animals to go insane.

"The only conclusion we can draw is that the conditions in which these animals are housed are so barren, so utterly lifeless, that they have essentially lost their minds," said Michael A. Budkie, director of Stop Animal Exploitation Now.

Budkie, who was accompanied at the news conference by Kit King, director of Alabama Voice for Animals, said if conditions don't improve, he will file a complaint with the Department of Agriculture.

Paul Taylor, associate director of public relations at USA's College of Medicine, declined to comment on specific allegations, but said the lab "conforms to all applicable laws in the care and humane treatment of animals."

The animals are bred and housed at the lab for experiments elsewhere.

The activists said they went to USA to see the monkeys but were turned away. However, they have autopsy results of monkeys that died in captivity.

"One of the primates, that was the most disconcerting for us, was a female I believe who had become so stressed that she began to cannibalize her own intestinal tract," King said.

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Netanya said...

Has there been any follow up on this condition at University South Alabama? We need to get this University on the list of Primate Freedom Project to enlist people to adopt a specific primate to inquire about and let these people know that we care.