Monday, April 03, 2006

Scandinavia's First Baby Gorilla Is Born

swedish gorillaA baby gorilla was born at Sweden's largest zoo Saturday, becoming the first gorilla born in Scandinavia, officials said.

The gender of the baby ape was unknown, as keepers at the Kolmarden zoo had yet to approach its mother, Naomi.

"Naomi is acting just like she is supposed to; she is keeping the baby close and the little gorilla baby appears to be doing fine," said animal keeper Lena Mellqvist.

Only about five to 10 gorillas are born in captivity around the world each year, the park said. The Kolmarden zoo has housed gorillas for more than 40 years, but none has given birth before.

Park officials said they will hold a contest to name the baby.

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Anonymous said...

The information in this press release is just not true. Denmark has had several gorilla births, the last one in 2005, and as far as I know Denmark is still a part of Scandinavia.
/Tomas, Sweden