Thursday, April 27, 2006

Monkey bites Delhi University prof’s ear

DELHI University teachers have petitioned the Vice-Chancellor to end the “monkey menace” at staff quarters. There have been several simian attacks recently, with one teacher nearly having his ear bitten off yesterday.

Dr P K Das, who teaches linguistics and stays at the University quarters, was walking outside his house — part of a multi-storeyed block of flats — with a friend around 7 am yesterday when he was attacked by a group of monkeys. Das lives near the university sports complex.

“One has got used to seeing a whole swarm of monkeys here. Therefore, I did not pay any attention and also failed to notice a big one near my car,” said Das who is still in hospital.

After he was attacked, a profusely bleeding Das was rushed to St Stephen’s Hospital by his neighbour Dr Dilip Menon, a history teacher. “Due to the quick reaction time, the doctors did not need to perform surgery. However, more than than 36 stitches were needed to stich his ear back,” neighbour Denys Leighton, a visiting fellow in Political Science and History at the university, said.

“If you open the door of your balcony there is invariably a group of monkeys lounging outside. This means that it’s very dangerous to step out. This puts the health and even lives of our children in great danger,” Das said.

The complex is one of several pockets in the university with a big simian population.

Residents say they have made complaints and have been calling for gates to be installed.

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