Thursday, March 30, 2006

Police investigate 121 abandoned monkey skulls

monkey skulls
The police found 121 deserted monkey skulls on March 27 in Tanshan Ling Town in Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous Region in Gansu Province, Lanzhou Morning Post reported. The investigation is still ongoing.

All the monkey skulls are cut off above the eyebrow. It has been suspected that the criminals slaughtered the monkeys with electronic saws, since the edges were so clean-cut.

On March 25, a farmer happened to discover these deserted skulls as he passed Dawankou area. He then reported to the local police immediately.

On-spot investigations by the police revealed several bags filled with monkey skulls. The unclosed bags were supposed to have been abandoned on a bank of a river in Dawankou. A river flow may have washed away some of the skulls, the police said.

Painful face expressions are still prominent in these skulls, one of which even retained its hair and mustache.

This unusual case has already attracted much attention from the local police, since monkeys had never been found in the county. In addition, Dawankou is a virtually inhabited area which only several highways pass through. So the officers aren't sure where the monkey skulls are from.

The local police have already reported the cruel case to superior departments. Experts will have a further identification for the monkey skulls shortly.

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Anonymous said...

dude dont be sad, those arent monkey skulls, they are all believed to be human skulls after being examined by professionals.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree,they dont all look like monkey skulls to me.I thinks its strange all these monkeys showing up dead,like the 3000 in Costa Rica National Park.

Anonymous said...

That's the first thing i said was that they look like people heads. But that's even worse that someone sawed off the tops of peoples heads. But I LOVE monkeys and it is still sad!