Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Zealand Zoo Auctions Chimps Paintings For "Chimp Day"

chimp artWellington Zoo is holding a Chimp Art Auction in the Archibald Centre on Sunday March 26th at 3pm as part of its Chimp Day celebrations, General Manager, Operations Mauritz Basson announced today.

“Jessie the chimp loves to paint, I hold the canvas for her and she chooses the colours – though not yellow as she tends to eat it,’ said Jo Turton, Wellington Zoo chimp keeper.

“As one of the last chimps to be hand raised at Wellington Zoo, Jessie grew up in the house of the head keeper. It was there that she first picked up a paintbrush,” said Jo.

“On Chimp Day we’ll be auctioning eight of Jessie’s original abstract paintings. We also have framed photo portraits of our chimps, and passes for a special behind the scenes tour of our new chimp block, due to open later this year - amongst other things,” said Jo.

Preceding the auction, Jo will talk about her recent work experience trip to a chimp sanctuary in Uganda. In the week before Christmas, Wellington Zoo visitors donated over $1,200 which Jo delivered to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre.

”Chimp Day is a fun way of celebrating the chimpanzees at Wellington Zoo. We will have a whole lot of chimp based activities going on, and the Popsicle band will be playing,” Mauritz said.

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The Reverend Dan said...

This is so rediculous. Chimps are not good for the environment. They're dangerous for humans. They should not be in zoos. They should not be in our jungles or cities.