Thursday, March 30, 2006

Monkey fever on the rise in Megaravalli, India; Simian population dwindling

Death of monkeys has been noticed near Megaravalli in Tirthahalli taluk. It is suspected that they might have died due to Kyasanur Forest Disease, popularly known as Monkey Fever.

Taluk Medical Officer Dr H D Veerannavar confirmed that these monkeys died due to KFD. He also said that Health Department had taken all care to prevent its spreading among humans.

Already 1,200 doses of vaccination have been given to the people. People have been asked to alert the Department if they notice death of monkeys in 5 kms radius from Megaravalli.

So far, nine cases of KFD on people have been recorded in the current year. Proper treatment has already been given to them, he said. One case reported in Andagere village was referred to Government Mc Gann Hospital for higher treatment.

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