Monday, February 13, 2006

Probe urged into death of circus monkey

Calls for an independent investigation into the death of a circus monkey in Dannevirke have been made to animal welfare officials after allegations of neglect were made on TV3's Campbell Live last night.

The programme accused the Ministry of Agriculture animal welfare of failing to properly investigate a complaint of serious neglect that resulted in the monkey's death.

Whirling bros circus owner, Tony Ratcliffe, said the pig-tailed monkey had died of heat exhaustion while at a circus in Dannevirke on January 28.

Mr Ratcliffe said he had attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

National animal advocacy organisation SAFE has yesterday renewed its outrage over serious failings within the Minister of Agriculture department to adequately enforce animal welfare legislation and called for the investigation.
SAFE campaigns director Hans Kriek believed the monkey's death was preventable.

"SAFE made a complaint to MAF about concerns we had for the monkey's wellbeing and a week later the poor creature was dead," Mr Kriek said.

"If officials properly followed up on this complaint, as they are legally required to do, the young monkey would probably still be alive."

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