Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Two More Cases of Monkey Fever Reported

Two more persons have been confirmed of ailing from Monkey fever in the taluk, said the Taluk Health Officer here on Monday January 30. However, necessary precautionary measures have been taken to stop the disease from spreading to others, said the district Health and Family Welfare officer.

It is reported that 3 monkeys were found dead at Yennemajal of Balpa village in the Panja Primary Health Centre limits. So the blood samples of 11 persons of the area have been sent to the lab for check up and the viscera of the dead monkeys have also been sent for the autopsy.

A temporary clinic along with vehicle facility and medical staff has been opened in the compound of the school at Yennemajal. Already 1,073 persons have been given KFD vaccine as a precautionary measure. The health officer has also appealed the residents of nearby villages to get themselves injected with KDF, as there are chances that the disease may spread to the surrounding areas too.

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