Monday, January 16, 2006

Ohio State Student Attacked By Research Chimpanzee

An Ohio State student is recovering from an attack by a chimpanzee at an animal research facility owned by the school.

The woman suffered minor injuries when an 80-pound chimp named Sarah pulled her toward a cage and bit her around Saturday. OSU spokesman Earl Holland said the school isn't sure what prompted the attack.

School officials would not release the student's name or age. She was treated at Riverside Methodist Hospital.

The chimpanzee -- named Sarah -- is 47 years old and has been at the OSU Chimpanzee Center since 1987. She has learned an artificial language system and understands the numbers zero through six.

The center was founded in 1983 and has five adult chimps and four adolescents.

Story here.

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idaholady said...

Hmm... only just saw this post. Many years ago this same chimp attacked me when I was a student at UC Santa Barbara. She was a research study of the Premack's at the time. I was helping her keeper excercise her and another chimp named Gussie. Sara got jealous that I was playing ball with Gussie so she jumped on me, ripped off my blouse, and bit me on the arm. Luckily the skin wasn't broken and I just figured it was a hazard of working with chimps so I didn't complain. The trouble is that now, years later, Sara's a lot bigger and stronger than she was in the late 60's. Hope her caregivers are vigilant!