Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Monkey Kills Three Month Old Baby In Orissa, India

In a shocking incident, a three month-old baby was done to death by a marauding monkey.

The incident took place at Dhumat village yesterday. The baby was sleeping on the veranda when the monkey picked him up while he was left alone by the family members.

Before the family members realised what was happening, the monkey took the baby into his fold and went to the roof of the house.

On hearing the baby cry, the family members and panicked villagers rushed to the scene and pleaded the monkey to return the baby.

But the animal was unmoved. Someone from the crowd then threw some banana hoping that the monkey would leave the baby. As the monkey tried to pick up the banana, the baby slipped from its lap and fell down sustaining serious injures.

The baby was immediately rushed to the District Headquarter Hospital for treatment but the doctors could not save his life.

Story here.

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