Thursday, January 26, 2006

2 Monkeys Die In UConn Research

Two of three monkeys being used in research projects at the University of Connecticut Health Center have died.

A report to UConn President Philip E. Austin said that one of the monkeys was euthanized at the end of a neuroscience study as part of the experiment protocol. The other died during the research "although it received proper veterinary attention and treatment," the report said.

A graduate student who has been protesting using the monkeys in research was upset to learn of the deaths when Austin forwarded him the report. Austin was responding to student Justin Goodman's request to stop experimenting and transfer the monkeys to an animal sanctuary. Austin had requested more information about the research.

The timing of the deaths was unclear. UConn officials say the monkeys have been treated humanely and that the laboratory protocol meets high federal standards. In addition, the university plans to continue the neuroscience research, which it says could help in the diagnosis and treatment of stroke and other ailments.

A third monkey is being studied now and a fourth has not yet been brought into the neuroscience experiment, but is housed at the Health Center in Farmington.

Goodman chained himself to a wrought iron fence outside the Wilbur Cross building as he and about a dozen others protested Wednesday outside a UConn 125th anniversary ceremony in Storrs Wednesday.

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