Thursday, December 15, 2005

Primate fossils claimed to be more primitive than any other fossils

Palaeontologists found fossil bones and teeth in upper Myanmar recently and concluded that the fossils belong to the amphipithecus.

A group comprising French and Myanmar palaeontologists searched for primate fossils in Pontaung region in Myaing Township, Pakokku District, Magway Division, from 22 November to 8 December.

They found three molars and a left lower jawbone with one molar of the amphipithecus on 3 December, left lower jawbone with three teeth on 4 December, a fossil tooth which is believed to be a specimen of a mammal on 25 November and a piece of fossil molar of Myanmarpithecus on 1 February, 2005, in Myaing Township. Moreover, Myanmar-French palaeontologist group also discovered fossil jawbones and teeth of Ruminants, Tapir, Amthroethiridae, Rinocerotidac and mammals in the same region.

According to the paleontologists, the anthropoid fossils found in the region were more primitive than any other fossils found in the world.

Palaeontologists believe that the human race was originated in Pontaung region where the primate fossils were found.

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