Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Monkeys force Jammu villagers to flee homes

Thousands of monkeys are making themselves comfortable in a Jammu village, as residents move out due to fear.

In the last two months, 65 families in the Cheryai village, about 60 kilometers from Jammu, have already migrated.

"I have migrated from this place but even in my new home, which is also in the same locality, the monkeys have arrived. Now everywhere in Cheryai village, there are monkeys," said Chaggu Ram Shastri, resident, Cheryai village.

There are still some 400 people in the village who are offering resistance to these monkeys. But none in the village is advised to walk alone and without a stick.

"These monkeys strike when the male members of the family are not at home. We have appealed several times to the local administration for help but no one has come to our rescue so far," said Jugal Kishore, resident.

Usually in Jammu and Kashmir people migrate due to fear of terrorists. Perhaps a fresh new reason to migrate is proving equally nightmarish.

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