Thursday, December 15, 2005

Eco-tourists bludgeoned to death at gorilla reserve

A pathologist testifying in the trial of a Rwandan rebel accused of killing eight foreign tourists, including a Scot, and their guide in a famed Ugandan gorilla reserve yesterday described the horrific wounds suffered by the victims.

Rwandan rebels hacked and bludgeoned the tourists from the United States, Britain and New Zealand in a remote rain forest near Uganda's borders with Congo and Rwanda.
The rebels said they were targeting English speakers in an attempt to weaken US and British support for the Rwandan government. The Western countries were the largest donors to Rwanda after its 100-day genocide.

Dr Henry Wabinga told the high court that the bodies of five victims of the 1999 gorilla reserve attack had broken skulls, hacked brains, stab wounds, compound fractures and extensive burns.

His report was presented on the last day of prosecution testimony against Jean-Paul Bizimana, 30, a former Rwandan rebel, who has pleaded not guilty. He could face the death penalty if convicted.

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