Thursday, November 17, 2005

Roman Catholic monkey blessing turns out controversial

Some well-intentioned monkey business involving a Roman Catholic church in Columbia had been called off.

St. Catherine Catholic Church had planned to bless a monkey to raise awareness for the Morrow Rainey Foundation, founded by the owner of the animal.

The Dailey Herald newspaper in Columbia reported country singer Tanya Tucker was going to attend the event, scheduled for yesterday.

Father Jim Henning and Morrow Faye Raney described what happened next in an interview on W-J-X-A F-M. They said angry calls from church members and a query from the Nashville Diocese made it impossible to carry on with the plan.

Henning said the uproar was a misunderstanding, because many of the callers thought he was going to christen or baptize the monkey, which is named Peggy Sue. In the Catholic Church only humans may be christened or baptized, but Henning says blessing animals and objects is a common practice.

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Anonymous said...

people are rediculis to some people animals act more human than some people why dont they deserve to blessed after all according to that church we are all gods creatures right or is this church above god
dont think so