Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Marsupial Startles Passengers On Hawaii-Bound Flight

Passengers on board an Omni Air flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu Monday morning were startled when they saw what they thought was a monkey running loose in the cabin.

It turned out to be a marsupial known as a sugar glider that is native to Australia and New Guinea.

The little critters can actually jump and then glide dozens of feet. It was jumping all over the airplane, officials said.

"In flight, one of the passengers was able to the capture animal and it was secured by a flight attendant. Our staff members went on board upon arrival and interviewed passengers trying to ascertain where this animal could have come from," said Domingo Carvalho, of the state's animal quarantine facility.

No one admitted to bringing this animal on board the plane. Sugar gliders are popular pets in some parts of the mainland. They are illegal in Hawaii.

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