Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Koome's new strategy, invite monkey eaters

Local authorities in Koome Islands, Mukono district, are planning to invite Congolese from their neighbourhood to help them fight monkeys which have caused havoc in the area.

The sub-county recently put aside Shs2 million to pay people who would hunt down the monkeys.

The primates have destroyed crops and caused fear over a likely famine on the Islands. Koome sub-county LC3 chairman, Mr Patrick Nagambye, told Daily Monitor at the weekend that other than killing the monkeys and throwing them away, they had found it wise to call in Congolese to hunt, kill and eat them.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, monkey meat is a delicacy. Any person able to hunt and kill a monkey and presents its tail is paid Shs2000.

Nagambye said in the last three months, they had managed to receive about 80 tails of monkeys, “but this is still very small. That is why we have decided to invite our friends the Congolese to help us out of this problem.”

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