Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gorilla burglar caught on tape

There's a gorilla impersonator in our midst. And the Campbell police want no more of his monkey business.

On Sunday morning, a burglar in a gorilla mask smashed the window at S&C Collectibles, a store on West Hamilton Avenue that carries more than 1,500 die cast replicas of NASCAR race cars.

The ape-man perused the inventory carefully. As the police report said: ``The Gorilla is very selective in the memorabilia he selects.''

The gorilla guy fled with his ill-gotten loot -- model cars and autographed baseball caps -- and then, police say, he drove to All Tool, on Dell Avenue, and busted in and swiped some tools.

This is just the kind of behavior that can give law-abiding gorillas a bad name.

But the thing the thieving simian-impersonator doesn't know is that S&C Collectibles captured it all on video tape.

``We saw what he took, we saw him leave the store and get into a vehicle'' -- a white four-door sedan, said Steve Clark, the store's owner. ``I have so many cameras in here you can't pick your nose without me knowing it.''

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