Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Czech zoo apes reality TV with gorilla show

Czechs tired of watching humans monkeying around in reality shows will soon be able to witness the private primate life of gorillas as an alternative, the Prague Zoo has announced.

For the next two months, starting on November 7, live Web casts of one male gorilla, two females and a young gorilla will be shown on a public radio Internet site with scenes from the daily life of the apes also screened on public television.

"It is a meaningful alternative to "people" reality shows," the zoo said in a statement. Humans would also be given an insight into great ape behaviour, added zoo spokesperson Vit Kahle.

Viewers will be asked to vote for their favourite gorilla with money raised from text messages directed towards an existing zoo project to help save gorillas in their natural environment, most likely Cameroon.

The prize for the most liked gorilla will be 12 melons, a pun on the Czech slang substitution of melons for zeros when talking about large sums of cash.

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